Chandler co-workers hit million dollar jackpot playing lottery

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- We all have a strategy to playing the lottery.

“Birthdays, license plates, telephone numbers,” said Jim Blocher.

Unlike a group of nine co-workers who recently won $1.7 million, Blocher's strategy didn't work Friday.

A lottery spokesperson said the man in charge of the winning ticket is Barry Hackett from Mesa.

The winning ticket was bought at a Circle K in the 200 block of S. Arizona Ave. in Chandler.

“They are committed to play each week. They each contribute $8.00 I believe a piece,” said Karen Bach, a spokesperson for the Arizona Lottery.

The group plays "The Pick" twice a week.

So why play "The Pick" instead of games with bigger jackpots?

“The odds of winning "The Pick" are 1-in-7 million,” said Bach.

Compare that to 1-in-176 million to winning the larger games like Mega Millions and Power Ball.

Blocher sticks to the smaller games.

He's in need of a big win.

“I would have to hit $100,000 to get my money back,” said Blocher.

The dollars add up when you play as much as Blocher does.

He started playing the lottery when he was 18.

A win in Chandler gives Blocher another reason to keep playing.

“I do a lot of dreaming, fantasizing about coming in here, helping my mom through the door and cashing in our million dollar ticket,” said Blocher.

The winning nine chose the cash option and each member got $125,925.92 before taxes.

Most of the winners will pay off bills and mortgages.

The winning ticket was a quick pick ticket.

Bach said two groups have won $2 million jackpots in the past year.

The winning group was not available to speak to 3TV.