Anthem family unhappy with $60K home remodel

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

ANTHEM, Ariz. -- Mary Mitchell says she's disappointed. The Kansas resident paid $60,000 cash to remodel her winter home in Anthem, but she's not exactly thrilled with the job.

"It's just heartbreaking. It really is,” she said. “This isn't what we paid for; this isn't what we had in mind. It isn't anything close.”

In May, the Mitchell family hired a company called Anthem North Interiors run by a man named Chris Pickering.

According to receipts, Mitchell paid $60,000 for the remodel, but when some of the work was done she says she wasn't satisfied at all.

For starters, Mitchell says the bathroom partition is loose. And she adds that while her bathroom and kitchen cabinets may look good at first glance, close up she claims the workmanship is disappointing.

Mitchell's frustration grew when she says when she learned Anthem North Interiors sub-contracted her work out to other companies. She filed a complaint with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors which opened an investigation.

Despite advertising it is a licensed business, 3 On Your Side discovered the license they list actually belongs to another company.

In fact, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors issued Anthem North Interiors a cease and desist order months earlier alleging the business was contracting without a license.

Tyler Palmer is with the contracting board and says it’s important for contractors to be licensed so consumers are protected.

“The law is pretty clear if you're acting as a contractor, if you're hiring other contractors, you need to be licensed,” Palmer said.

We went to the Anthem location for answers. We didn't find the owner, Chris Pickering, but we did talk to one of his employees who acknowledged the company does not have a contracting license.

An attorney for Anthem North Interiors later wrote a letter to 3 On Your Side stating in part, "It is highly questionable whether my clients' actions constitute any crime or illegal act (such as contracting without a license)." He added that the Mitchells complaints are baseless, saying the remodeling job is “utterly without defect.

Mary Mitchell says she's disappointed with the entire ordeal.

“It's just been very emotional. I go home and I tell my husband, ‘I don't even want to go back to Arizona this week because I don't want to see it again.’”

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors tells 3 On Your Side that they have forwarded their investigation to the Maricopa County Attorney's office for possible charges.