Ann Kirkpatrick talks about District One win

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 PHOENIX -- Arizona’s first congressional district will have new representative when the next session gets underway just after the new year.

Former Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick is headed to Congress for a second time after defeating former Republican state lawmaker Jonathan Paton.

It was a close vote, with final results not coming in until Wednesday morning. Kirkpatrick defeated Paton by almost 7500 votes.

She talked about what she thinks was the key to her victory.“I know the district. I've lived in this dist my entire life.. my mother’s family, my dad’s family go back almost 100 years. I know the district," she says.

Kirkpatrick says he goal is to focus on jobs."I ran on a platform of jobs because I have a vision for Arizona. That is a diversified, sustainable economy. And lets get to work on it."

She says she looks forward to serving and hopes her relationships with so many members of congress will help her reach her goals. "It's building relationships, putting party behind, putting partisan politics behind, reaching out and getting to know each other and finding common ground."

Kirkpatrick represented the district for one term before being ousted by a conservative Republican in 2010, Paul Gosar. After redistricting made the district less conservative, Gosar moved to northwestern Arizona's 4th district and won election on Tuesday.

District One is the state's largest district. It runs from Flagstaff through eastern Arizona counties and then west into parts of Pinal County and includes the Navajo Nation where Kirkpatrick has strong support.