Mud run cancellation leaves many without promised refunds

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. -- Running through the mud may not be for everyone. But there are events all over the country that give folks a chance to get down and dirty, while working up a sweat.

But two valley women say they never even got to the starting line. They paid for a mud run which got canceled. And now, they say should get their money back.

Jahna Bettencourt and Jessica Carpenter have been training for months to prepare for an event called Mud N’ Guts, a 5K obstacle course through mud. The big event was scheduled to happen recently in Casa Grande.

“It's just really something fun to get out and do with your friends or your spouse,” says Jahna. However, less than a week before the race and after paying about a $70 registration fee, Janna, Jessica and all other participants were sent an email, saying the race had been canceled.

The event’s Facebook page claims there were problems with permits and licensing.

While disappointing, there was some good news. The email also stated that folks like Janna and Jessica would get their entry fees back.

But, weeks later, the women haven't received anything back. And they're not the only ones. “They haven't responded, not only to me, but to other people that are on blogs or social media,” says Jahna.

She's right. According to Mud N' Guts' Facebook page, many participants are asking about their refunds.“They need to just give people their money back,” Jahna says.

3 On Your Side looked into the matter, but no one with Mud N' Guts ever got back with us. However, although Mud n Guts' website looks flashy, we noticed that many of their pictures were actually photos from other legitimate events. One picture they used, had been already been published in the Washington Post.

Then there was the copyright at the bottom of the Mud N' Guts' website. It doesn't even have a year next to it. It just says 201, an obvious mistake.

And finally, after consulting a few websites known in the running industry for listing even around the country, the Mud N' Guts event was nowhere to be found.

Jahna and Jessica say they'll be careful the next time they pay to enter an event. "With charity runs and everything like that it's fun getting together and running and dressing up, and the obstacles. It’s so much fun, I think they saw that and fed off of it and saw that they could make some money,” says Jessica.