Things to buy in November

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

Whether it's Lowe's or The Home Depot, there's a good chance you'll find deals this month on small tools and general hardware, according to

Deb Hernandez with Home Depot says that's because most us are getting ready for holiday guests.
"There are only two weeks left until Thanksgiving. That's not enough time to do a full, major remodel. But, it's time to spruce things up before the company comes," Deb tells 3 On Your Side.

With that in mind, November means home improvement stores are offering deals on wrenches, screwdriver sets, drills and lawn care tools. These are general items that consumers usually need to hang stuff and to give their home a light makeover for the holidays.

"Well, it's kind of like a face lift. You have to put up a facade," Deb explains.

Cookware is also discounted in November. Things like pots and pans and small appliances go on sale to help you prepare the perfect meal for the in-laws.

This one may not surprise you, but wedding dresses may be cheaper in November. There is simply a decrease in demand, so prices go down.

HDTVs are supposed to hit record breaking lows this month. So, start researching what you want and get ready to score.

Halloween is over and that means merchants are stuck with a lot of candy. Who cares if your candy is shaped like a pumpkin? The chocolate will taste better because you got a bargain.
Apple products will also be discounted slightly this month. But, if you're looking for deeper Apple discounts, try third party vendors like Amazon, which is expected to take 20 percent off Apple items.

But as for toys, don't be too eager to make purchases just yet. Toys traditionally always go on sale in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. 

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