Senator-elect Jeff Flake: 'I hope we can reach across the aisle'

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Just hours after winning Arizona's biggest race, Senator-elect Jeff Flake sat down with Kaley O'Kelley to discuss what the future holds - for him, for Arizona and for the country.

"It's been a long haul," he said. "I'm just glad to get a win, especially when you survey the carnage around the country the Republicans faced. It's good to have a win."

Flake said there is much work to be done in Congress.

"The first order of business is passing a budget," he continued. "The next job is sticking to it. That's what we've got to do.

"We have divided government," he continued, addressing the growing frustration of Americans. "Whether we like it or not, for the next four years, there will be divided government. We've simply got to reach across the aisle. We have no choice. I hope that my colleagues see it the same way. I hope we can reach across the aisle and solve these issues."

Flake also addresses his views on climate change. Many of his detractors call him a "political wild card" on the issue.

"I simply think the best way to deal with the issues with the environment is to have prosperity," he said. "Countries that are prosperous are countries that take care of their environment. That's what we need here."

Flake will be sworn in on Jan. 3.