Get creative with your make-up this season!

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GLENDALE--When it comes to the way you look, don't be afraid to take some risks. 

That's straight from the lips of celebrity makeup artist Zethina!

For eyes this expert says, "Play with color, make-up is a washable art!" 

Start by applying the lightest color, in this case Zethina uses a color called, "Ring Master" on the inner half of the eye on the lid and under the eye. "Bermuda" was then applied on the outer half of the eye on the lid and under the eye, as well. These first two colors were swept from the lash line up to the brow. 

The last color, "Cobalt," was applied at the outer 1/3 of the upper lash line and blended up to the crease.

Use a black liner on the inner eye lash and a few coats of mascara.

With defined colorful eyes Zethina says its best to keep the cheeks  soft and feminine. 

She started with the contour blush color "Natural." Apply it just under the cheek bone using a small blush or contour brush. Follow that with a sweep of a lighter color like "Cha-Cha" over the entire cheek bone. 

Here's a great trick. Zethina says applying the lighter blush over the darker color will help to soften and blend the two colors to make your look appear effortless.

She offers lip tricks, too.

To enhance a smaller upper lip, skip the lip liner pencil and use a brightening shadow.  Zethina has a great option called "Negligee," and it works on all skin tones.  Apply is along the outer edge of the lip, slightly extending the shadow beyond the lip line. 

This is a trick of light. Using a reflective shadow along the lip line gives the illusion of fuller lips.

Finish it off with a pretty lip gloss like Zethina's "Pink Icicle".

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