Documents explain how Scottsdale PD caught teen rape suspect

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

SCOTTSDALE -- Court documents released Monday are shedding more light on the charges against 16-year-old Danny Jackson, charged in connection to two recent rapes in Scottsdale.

"I didn't think he was a bad kid, I just thought he didn't have his head on straight. But now that certainly changes everything," said a Chaparral High School student whose identity 3TV agreed to protect.

Until this week, that student called Danny Jackson a classmate.

He said not many knew him, but plenty of students had heard of him thanks to his time on the football team and having earned a reputation of getting in fights.

Jackson's Facebook page is filled with pictures of himself, including an action shot of him on the field for Chaparral. It looks like normal teenage stuff, but this sophomore is an alleged rapist.

Court documents detail exactly how Scottsdale Police came to find Jackson, who lived at the Verona condominium complex in Scottsdale.

After two sexual assaults at nearby apartment complexes, investigators identified persons of interest -- people who lived in the area and were known to Scottsdale Police. Jackson made that list.

On Halloween, staff at a Scottsdale CVS across the street from Jackson's home called police to report someone damaging the store. It was Jackson, and officers brought him in for questioning.

During the interview, police offered him a bottle of water. He drank from it and left it in the room, which left officers with plenty of Jackson's DNA. When they ran it, it matched samples collected at both crime scenes.

Police say Jackson later admitted to attacking both women in their homes.

"That's definitely the worst, that it's somebody we know who did something that petrifying," said Jackson's classmate.

Jackson is now being held in the Fourth Avenue Jail without bail. There's no comment from Scottsdale Police on why Jackson made their short list of suspects after the sexual assaults.