Coyotes kill neighborhood pets in Paradise Valley

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. -- A Paradise Valley neighborhood near 52nd Street and Doubletree has been overrun with coyotes, according to people who live there.

“Our neighbors on Saturday had six of them in their backyard, they just came right over the wall,” said Mike Alvarez.
Another neighbor described seeing a woman walking a Yorkshire terrier when a coyote snatched the dog and ran away with it.
Alvarez said approximately three or four dogs have been killed by coyotes.
“One guy was in his backyard and he had a Doberman and three of them jumped the wall and killed the Doberman,” he said.
Neighbors blame construction at a nearby golf course, saying it pushed the animals into their street.
Darren Julian with Arizona Game and Fish said the construction is probably the reason why the neighborhood is suddenly seeing so many coyotes.
“Coyotes are more drawn to areas that have golf courses or green belts,” said Julian.
Unfortunately, Julian said there's not a lot that can be done. Game and Fish will only trap coyotes, “if they become aggressive toward people,” according to Julian.
Julian said people who encounter coyotes should try to scare them by making loud noises or throwing things.
“You want to make these animals know at a minimum that humans are a potential threat,” he said.
Alvarez is doing just that.
“Now when I walk my dogs, I bring rocks with me in case we see them and I throw them and try to scare them off,” he said.