Phoenix mother forgives son's accused killer

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Knoye Jackson’s life changed in the summer of 2012.

Jackson’s oldest boy was murdered near the McDonald’s on 51st Ave. near Baseline in South Phoenix.

But Jackson's 18-year-old son, Dewight Westbrook, isn't the only person she prays for.

"I’m praying for your soul and just praying for you. Even though you took my son God will get the glory," said Jackson.

The mother has already done what so many can't, forgive.

"Even as Christ forgave you, so also do yee," said Jackson, who was reading from her bible.

Phoenix Police accuse Terrell Denton, 20, of shooting Westbrook four times in the back as he was walking to the McDonald's with friends.

Now the victim’s mother has questions for her son’s suspected killer.

"I know that he did it to get in a gang. How many gang members have come down to see you? Who has put money on your books? Who has even wrote you to ask how you are doing?" questioned Jackson.

She said detectives told her Denton hoped the killing would get him into a gang, but Jackson said detectives also told her gang members turned on Denton.

"They (gang members) told him 'Man you're stupid. This is a good kid. He wasn't in a gang. He wasn't a gang banger,'" said Jackson.

"They did not want nothing to do with this guy in the gang," Jackson went on to tell 3TV.

She also said her son wasn’t in a gang and didn’t know Denton, adding that Westbrook hoped to start a landscaping business and recently got back involved with their church.

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