Woman disputes agreement for Florida timeshare

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman said she's having problems with her out of state time share so she contacted 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper for some help.

You either love time shares or hate them. For Jeanmarie Martin, she loved them, which is why she invested in one in Florida. Now, she wishes she hadn't.

Jeanmarie loves Disney. In fact, she has Disney décor all around her house, and even had a Disney- themed wedding.

“My husband and I are Disney crazies, we go to Disney every year," she explained.

They love Disney so much, they decided to purchase a timeshare near Disney World in Florida.

The timeshare company Jeanmarie did business with is called Westgate Resorts.

“When we were down in Disney, we got this invitation to go see a timeshare. It was a 90-minute presentation, we were wowed," she said.

Jeanmarie said what really made her feel comfortable about the purchase, was the unemployment insurance policy that came with it.

“If I ever lost my job, they would cover the first 12 months, if for any reason that extended 12 months then it would move into the 2nd tier, which was up to 120-months," she noted.

Jeanmarie said it's a good thing she had that policy because after investing with Westgate Resorts she lost her job and has been out of work now for nearly two years.

“I was actually relieved that we were covered and so that was one less thing we had to worry about," Jeanmarie stated.

But Jeanmarie said she's concerned because although the first 12 months of her time share payments were covered by that policy, she said the policy is not covering the additional time she's been out of work.

She said her Westgate Resorts paperwork clearly indicates she's covered for 120 months, but she's having a difficult time getting the timeshare company to pay.

“They're now claiming that there is no section covering 120 months, that the only part of that document that's on the same page that is valid is the 12 months," complained Jeanmarie.

Jeanmarie filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and apparently she's not alone. Over the past three years, nearly 700 other consumers have filed complaints with Westgate Resorts which also goes by the name Central Florida Investments.

Still the company has a B minus rating. 3 On Your Side got a hold of an executive for the company and asked him to look into Jeanmarie's complaint.

He did, but said there was nothing he could do or resolve because Jeanmarie misunderstood the investment agreement.

In an email, he tells 3 On Your Side, "we have a very detailed sales verification process to ensure every one of our customers fully understands what they are purchasing," adding that the unemployment policy is good for a total of 12 months out of the 120 month agreement. That's it.

Jeanmarie maintains that's not how she understood it and said she's just sorry she got involved with the timeshare.

“I just want to get rid of this and be stress free," she said.

Jeanmarie said it's pretty evident to her that she should be covered but the company sees it differently, which means she could lose her timeshare.