City of Phoenix settles female firefighter's lawsuit

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- A female firefighter will get $70,000 as part of a lawsuit settlement against the Phoenix Fire Department.

Julie Simpson claimed she suffered years of gender harassment including being called derogatory names and being passed up for promotions within the department.

City Council members voted Wednesday to give her the money despite arguments from other female firefighters supporting the department.

"I've been on the Fire Department for over 21 years and I've been treated with nothing but respect and fairness and I've never seen that," Sheila Carlucci said. "As firefighters we like to joke around, we like to kid, that's a way that we kind of de-stress from sometimes stressful situations, but we're a family and that's how we work things out."

A good part of Simpson's settlement will be used for attorney's fees.