Family of ship disaster victim has questions

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PAULDEN, Ariz. -- Family of a woman who died when the HMS Bounty sank in Sandy's stormwater are questioning why she and the other crew members were put in jeopardy.

A cousin of 42-year-old Claudene Christian tells 3TV it was a goal of hers to make it onto the Bounty.

"She's a descendant from Fletcher Christian, who was involved in the mutiny in the 1700s," said Gidget Trainor, "She was doing what she loved."

With Sandy approaching, her family expressed concerns about the Bounty setting sail from New England to Florida.

"She told us she was going to ride the storm out, and that it was supposedly safer to stay out in the ocean [during the storm]," Trainor told 3TV from her home in Northern Arizona.

Still, it did little to settle the nerves of her family.

"We were all so worried. I just couldn't believe they were out there in the storm."

Christian herself seemed somewhat apprehensive about the Bounty captain's plans, and sent a final text message to her parents, foreshadowing the disaster.

"She texted my aunt, telling her that if the ship went down, to know she died doing what she loved."

Christian joined the Bounty last spring, at the start of a six-month tour, which was supposed to end in a few weeks.