Tablet wars: Which tablet computer is right for you?

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PHOENIX -- It wasn't all that long ago that Apple's iPad was the choice when it came to tablet computers. While the iPad was the first-to-market, other tablets soon followed.

These days there are several options, depending on how you plan to use your tablet.

Ken Colburn of Data Doctors runs down a few of the tablets our there, just in time for holiday shopping.

He talked about the newly announced iPad Mini and the Nexus 7 from Google, which he believes gives you the most bang for your $199.

Colburn also showed off the first tablet from Microsoft -- the Surface. He says that's the way to go if your focus is productivity rather and entertainment. He loves the built-in kickstand and suggests splurging for the tactile keyboard. He's not a fan of the much-touted $120 Touch Cover. He says the $130 Type Cover is more user friendly, well worth the extra $10.