Salty Chocolate Senorita

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Vanilla Bean Caramel Filling

Over medium heat brown the split vanilla bean and ¾ c. sugar until a caramel color. Add ½ c. butter then pour in 2/3 c. cream and ¼ t. salt in slowly.
Bring to boil 1 min. Cool pour in a squeeze bottle.

Pretzel Crust

Course chop 1 c. pretzels, stir in 2 t. sugar and ¼ c. soft butter.

Chocolate Ganache

Heat ½ c. cream to a boil off heat add 1 c. Ghriadelli chocolate chips stir until melted. Stir in another ½ c. cream. Pour in squeeze bottle

Chocolate Whipping Cream

Beat 1 c.cream until stiff. Add T. Ghriadelli baking cocoa powder and 1/3 c. powdered sugar then 1 t. vanilla. Place in piping bag with star tip.

In 2 oz glass place 1 t. of crust. Neatly squeeze 2 t. ganache then 2 t. caramel, 2 t. ganache,  t. crust & 1 t. whip cream. Decorate with caramel drizzled, chocolate curls and pretzels sticks.