Suspects arrested in alleged drug running plot

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- Several people were arrested Sunday following what authorities said was a bold attack on a law enforcement officer.

According to DPS, the incident began when an officer attempted to stop a speeding Escalade in the area of Maricopa Road and Riggs Road.

As the officer was following the Escalade, two pickup trucks allegedly tried to ram the officer’s vehicle to prevent the Escalade from being pulled over.

The officer realized that he was attempting to stop a drug running operation, and went after one of the trucks that had tried to ram him.

The truck eventually stopped, and six people with guns fled the vehicle. Five of the six were subsequently located and arrested.

The two other vehicles escaped arrest for a moment, but were eventually pulled over on Phoenix freeways.

Three more people were arrested, and approximately $100,000 worth of marijuana was found in the Escalade.

Police said drug running operations aren’t unusual, but the level of aggression displayed by these suspects is rarely seen.

“These suspects have always been pretty desperate to get their product, whether it’s humans or drugs, into this country by whatever means possible,” said Bart Graves with DPS. “But to be aggressive like this with law enforcement on this side of the border is pretty outrageous.”

The lone suspect who was not arrested after fleeing the pickup truck is armed, and still on the loose.

According to DPS, all of the suspects are illegal immigrants. There’s no word on where they were planning to take the marijuana.