ASU Homecoming erupts with students, fans and alumni

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- An ASU Homecoming in perfect weather.

“It’s amazing, there's so much happening here it's so exciting,” said ASU freshman Vivian Benjes.
“I like it, it's just a little early, if it would've been a little later, there would've been more people unfortunately the game is at the time it is so, we've got what we've got,” said George Mora, whose wife went to ASU.
“It's amazing, I love it there's so much happening on the streets, it's just a lot of fun,” said ASU freshman Annika Faucon. 
If there was a queen Sun Devil, Reshawna Chapple would wear the crown. On top of being a triple ASU alum, one of her daughters already goes to ASU and her other daughter is soon to follow.
 “We started coming (to Homecoming), when she was 6 and she's now 14, so, and I've got three degrees so maybe seven. I've got a Bachelors, a Masters and a PHD from ASU, so I'm a triple Devil,” said Chapple.
Unfortunately for Sun Devil fans, the team lost to UCLA Saturday afternoon 45-43 on a last second field goal.