Nearsighted vision corrected overnight

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Whether swimming, snowboarding or swinging a golf club, 11-year-old brothers Justin and Brian Wada rarely just sit around.

Their mother, Nancy Wada, said, "They play sports, they love to play outside."

So when the boys started struggling to see, rather than get glasses or regular contacts, they wanted something that wouldn't interfere with all their activities.

"They're pretty much glasses and contact lenses free and that's what parents love," said Dr. Gail Bass, an optometrist with Excel Vision.

Bass is referring to CRT lenses, which are contacts worn overnight that actually restore your vision.

"Every morning they wake up, remove the lenses from their eyes, they have the perfect eye vision and are ready for the day," Nancy Wada said.

CRT stands for Corneal Refractive Therapy. The Food and Drug Administration approved the technology for adults and children because it's not permanent and it's reversible.

"It gently reshapes the cornea or flattens it out at night while you sleep thereby correcting nearsightedness," Bass explained.

Bass said there is another advantage.

"Studies are showing that this may slow the progression of nearsightedness," she said.

From what Bass has seen, CRT lenses seem to work best on children.

"I have fit some as young as 8 years old," Bass said. "Some doctors have told me they fit them as young as 5 and 6. They don't have dust in their eyes, they don't have to take out their contacts and rinse them off, their eyes don't dry out, they love doing without any glasses or contacts during their waking hours."

Brian and Justin said it only took a few days to adjust to the CRT lenses and now, "If you wear it
during the night, because when you're sleeping you don't feel anything because you're falling asleep, when you're at the morning, you take it off, you don't feel anything," Justin said.

The best part for their mom, "Totally stress-free for both children and me as a parent. It's totally

The lenses run any where from $1,100 to $1,600 for the first year.

Dr. Bass is at Excel Vision, 5425 E. Bell Road, Suite 135, in Scottsdale, 602-404-2005.