Woman says $150 in gift cards have no money on them

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Kim Schock is quite the entrepreneur. She finds vintage clothing and then turns around and sells it for a profit on the Internet.

"I do the marketing myself online and ship the stuff myself and really do everything on my own," Schock said.

As a result, Schock uses credit and debit for a lot of transactions. So when her mom purchased three $50 Visa gift cards for her birthday recently, Schock was thrilled.

"It was a nice birthday gift because it was $150," she said, "and that's a lot of money to her."

Schock's mom bought the Visa gift cards from www.walmart.com and had them mailed to Schock.

But, although Schock received the three cards,they were declined every time she tried to use them because there was no money on them.

"I called her and asked her if she gave me the wrong ones or maybe she used them or something," Schock said. "She was real embarrassed."

Schock contacted walmart.com and even went to an East Valley Walmart for help, but she said she couldn't get any answers. So, she contacted 3 On Your Side. 

Since the cards are distributed by a company called Vanilla Visa, I contacted them and told them about Schock's problem.

They looked into the matter at my request and discovered Schock's cards were never activated before mailing them to her.

After discovering the mistake, the $150 worth of cards were immediately activated so Schock could start using them.

Schock said she spent three weeks trying to get someone to listen, but it took 3 On Your Side to get it done. Schock said she's satisfied but can't believe after all the energy she put into  finding the problem on her own, no one wanted to help her.

"I don't think that you should have to call the news to get your money back," Schock said.

InComm is the parent company of Vanilla Visa and that's who I dealt with to resolve the issue. InComm was great to work with. A spokesperson for the company said failing to activate cards happens very rarely. They apologized for Schock's inconvenience and even gave her an extra $50 gift card, which 3 On Your Side appreciates.