Neighbors band together to fight proposed car dealership in Scottsdale

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Neighbors are protesting against a proposed car dealership in Old Town Scottsdale.

A businessman wants to open a Mercedes dealership on his property off Scottsdale Road and Highland Avenue, but neighbors in a town home complex next door are trying to get it stopped. 

"We're concerned about noise, fumes, bright lights, and the delivery of vehicles all night and all day," said Tom Roth. 

"It could be better used for a grocery store, or shops that are tailored to guests at nearby resorts," added fellow neighbor Erika Hanson.

There are car dealerships in south Scottsdale, including some that sell Mercedes, and even an empty lot.  There are also dealerships in north Scottsdale, but none in Old Town.

However, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, who supports the proposal, told 3TV the dealership is about far more than just the tax money it could bring in. 

"Look at our downtown. We have a lot of those coffee places and boutique shops. Frankly, property owners want to use their property for something different than what's already there," Lane said.

The owners have agreed to make concessions for surrounding residents, including buffers for sound, and tailored hours of operation.

The land is currently zoned for commercial usage.