Who will clean up dilapidated racehorse track in Goodyear?

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- The old trotter track off Interstate 10 in Goodyear has seen better days.

It was built in the 1960s to race horses.

Some people say there’s something else now flying around the track.

"It's full of pigeons. That's where they nest," said Robert Gates, who lives nearby in a mobile home park.

Last week people complained about a pigeon problem in their nearby Pebble Creek neighborhood.

"There on the roof, on the very corner, I've been told that's the pigeon the party house," said homeowner Judy Gaines.

Some homeowners blame the track for the birds.

3TV couldn't get close to the building because of no trespassing signs posted all along the property.

Online we found people had ignored the signs and posted several videos exposing graffiti and blight.

"There's a mobile home park very near it. And I would imagine they suffer a lot from the pigeon breeding and the dust and the dirt and the fact that it's not well kept," said Jim Healey, who lives not too far away.

3TV went to find out who's responsible for cleaning the track.

The mayor of Goodyear wasn't available to speak to us on camera.

Instead a spokesperson from the city sent us this statement that reads:

"The city of Goodyear shares neighbors' concern regarding management of the track, however our authority is limited by the owner's private property rights. The city will send a letter to the owner asking that he investigate the concerns and address the issue if a problem exists."

While some say this old track is eyesore, others aren't ready to put that type of label on a piece of Arizona's history.

"I don't think it's an eyesore. It's just an abandoned public gathering place," said Damon Betenbough.

3TV called the owner of the property and left several voicemails but got no response.