Seed Spot gives entrepreneurs tools for success

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PHOENIX -- While this may look like a big party, listen closely, "Saucypants is a website and an app."

This is the sound of dreams coming true.

"I decided to come up with this product for my dad," Julie Hyzdu said.

Hyzdu feels like she just won the jackpot.

"The passion here and the compassion is amazing," she said.

Hyzdu is among 16 entrepreneurs selected to team up with Seed Spot. An organization offering up investors and other coaches to help budding business men and women chase their dreams.

"I mean you when you're not a business woman and haven't gone to school for a business degree, you just don't know where to start," Hyzdu said.

Courtney Klein Johnson and Chris Petroff co-founded Seed Spot.

"There are so many incredible ideas across the Valley just looking for a home, looking for a place to go to receive support and mentorship and guidance and Seed Spot is that place," Klein Johnson stated.

They've set up "school" in the warehouse district.

"For eight months, these companies will be at Seed Spot, every week, full time. We've got mentors coming in, content providers, companies coming in to provide legal advice, accounting advice, media advice, graphic design experience, to help advance their idea so they can become fully scaleable," Johnson explained.

Hyzdu founded Poppy Pocket, a device that discreetly holds medical equipment close to the body. Her inspiration was her father who was required to wear a port as part of his cancer treatment.

"It just gave him his dignity back. Nobody knew he was going through treatment, you know. That's hard for some people," Hyzdu said.

"I envision myself as a more competent businesswoman by the end of this schooling. Success, I would say, is when the product is out on the market, through every channel distribution possible," Hyzdu stated when asked about completing the Seed Spot program.

But probably more meaningful than success is making her dad proud, since he has lost his battle with cancer.

"I think he would say well done," Hyzdu said.

Seed Spot plans to unveil the 16 companies in May.