Haunting Halloween Party Eats & Cheats

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Haunting Halloween Party Eats & Cheats

When my daughter announced that the only birthday present she truly wanted was a Halloween party, I creepingly cringed!  I’m not good at crafts, decorating and festive food preparation! 

However, since she is turning 11 soon and I’m overwhelmed by how fast her childhood is going, I decided to take the plunge and invite all of her ghost and goblin friends from her show choir to attend a haunted Halloween Harris house party.  Yikes!  

So now that I’m in full swing party prep mode (wish me luck), I decided to divide the party food menu up into eats and cheats.  Eats meaning spooky snacks that we create ourselves and cheat eats that consist of the scary store bought kind.  So read on to get some cheat and last minute party food ideas, as well as a few homemade treats.  I will also include a few ideas for the grownups, too!

First the Cheats…
Here are ideas that are either store bought and ready to go (my favorite kind) or so simple, that it is scary…

*Payday in a Bowl – This comes from my gal pal, Bridget and it is so simple and so yummy!  Simply combine candy corn, candy pumpkins and peanuts in a bowl.  Next tell your guests to try a handful and they get a yummy treat that tastes just like a Payday candy bar!  I love this one!

*Trader Joe’s Halloween Spice Cake – Not only does this look festive with the gingerbread cookie pumpkin face as the cake’s centerpiece décor, but it also tastes great.  Enjoy a slice with your coffee the morning after your big party, too!  $6.99 at Trader Joe’s and it serves about 8 people.

*Halloween Joe Joe’s Cookies --- These taste just like Oreos, but they are Trader Joe’s brand and are chocolate pumpkin faced cookies with vanilla bean cream.  These cookies look good on a party platter and taste great, too. They cost $2.99 a box at Trader Joe’s. Drop a pinch of green food coloring in a glass of milk and serve as cookies and monster’s milk.

*Galerie Gummy Eyes with Ice Cubes – As the package says, freak out your friends with eyeball ice cubes that are edible, too.  One tray with 14 eyeball ghoulish garnishes sells for $6.99 at Party City stores.

*Galerie Brain Freeze Floating Ice Mold – This cool contraption makes a fun frozen brain mold, complete with protruding gummy worms to add some creepy crawlers to your punch bowl.  The brain mold comes with a lemon lime drink mix, gummy worms and an easy recipe on how to create a drink that you can dare your guests to try!  Sells for $6.99 at Party City.

*Star Drop Cookies – I found these at Safeway and I like them because they are different from your typical Halloween cookies plus they have a yummy chocolate filling in the middle. 

*Halloween Fruit Flavored Snacks --  Like gummy bears, but these chewy treats are colorful and shaped like a witch hat, bat, ghost, pumpkin and more.  Give out as prizes or place in bowl for treat.  You can also use these to top your creepy cupcakes.  And you get 6 box tops for your school if your school gets money back in the box tops program.  I found these at Safeway.

*Best Bobbing Apples – If you plan to bob for apples, I recommend a bag of Gala apples from Sam’s Club as they big and easy to sink your teeth into when the bobbing begins!  One bag of the gala apples sells for $4.98 at Sam’s Club.

Easy Eat Treats that Aren’t Tricky

Keeping in mind, that I’m truly craft and decorating-challenged, the ideas below are frightenly simple!

*Chocolate Candy Corn & Pumpkin Molds – Party City sells the Wilton Lollipop molds, Lollipop sticks and Candy Melts in different colors, so this makes your job super easy!  Plus kids can do this, too.  Simply pour a handful of the candy melts in a Wilton 12 inch disposable bag that are sold at Party City and at Safeway.  These handy bags can go in the microwave making these candies super easy.  Melt for about a minute or so and then squeeze into molds.  Fill mold halfway with melted chocolate, then place the lollipop stick in the mold and then cover with more chocolate.  Place filled mold in refrigerator until molds appears frosty or candy is firm.  Pop out and you’ve got yourself simple and homemade chocolate candy sticks that kids just love!  You can also buy the Pops Favor Bags at Safeway and wrap them with a ribbon for a party favor gift.

*Healthy Edible Eyeballs – Simply slice a carrot into circles, spread cream cheese on each slice and top with a black or a pimento stuffed green olive.  The green olives give you a red eye ball in the middle, too.

*Freaky Fingers – Simple to make and tasty too, just take a mozzarella cheese stick and scoop the tip of spoonful of cheese out to make a fingernail socket.  Then spread a little cream cheese in the nail socket for glue and place a ragged piece of red, green or orange bell pepper so that it looks like a nail.  Then cut three lines each where knuckles would be and you’ve got yourself a freaky and festive finger ready to serve and eat.

*Wilton Candy Kit for Pretzels – This cool kit makes creating chocolate covered pretzels in scary shapes easy and fun!  The kit comes with two trays that house six creepy characters like Frankenstein, Dracula, a mummy and more.  You also get white, orange and green candy melts, a decorating brush, four disposable decorating bags and 20 party bags with ties.  $9.99 at Party City and it should make about 20 or more pretzel candy figures.  Cool and fun to do with the kids, too!

Bewitching Beverages

*Simple Swamp Juice – All you need is Gatorade, Ginger Ale and gummy worm and fish candy for this kid-pleasing party punch.  Simply pour equal parts Gatorade and Ginger Ale into a clear jug and then drop gummy worms and fish into the beverage.  Place a label on the jug that says Swamp Juice (use the Chiller font for a good effect) and you’ve got a green party drink that kids will love.  Use red Gatorade and Ginger Ale for a drink that you can call a Bewitched Bloody Brew.

And for the grownups….

*Benefactor Cellars Chardonnay & Shiraz Wines – You can buy Martha Stewart wine labels at Party City or you can get the Benefactor Cellars line that is made with the skeleton sketch already on the bottle.  Around $5 a bottle at Trader Joe’s.

*For a Blood-Tini, try this yummy recipe that I found at About.com….
• 2 oz VeeV Acai Spirit
• 1 oz acai juice
• 1/2 oz fresh lime juice
• Top with fresh champagne
• Lime wedge for garnish
1. Combine VeeV, Acai juice and fresh lime with ice in a cocktail shaker to shake.
2. Strain into a chilled martini glass and top with champagne.
3. Serve with a fresh lime wedge.
*Glow in the Dark Changing Colors Wine Stop – This cool wine stop adds some festive flair to your wine bottle display.  I purchased the one with the witch on the broomstick and she goes from red to green to blue to purple to white in seconds.  Very cool contraption to add to your Halloween bar.

I hope I have shared a few ideas to take some of the stress out of your Halloween party planning.  What treats and eats do you make for your bewitching bash?  Share here in the comments section and remember to check managedmoms.com for more holiday ideas, parenting articles, beauty news, pet pics and more.  Happy Halloween!