Company turns food to fertilizer

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Many homeowners are struggling to keep their lawns and gardens green, but chemical fertilizers and dry conditions can deplete the soil.

A company started by two BYU students has found a more Earth-friendly solution -- turning food into fertilizer.

"Last time I checked, in America we throw away about 30 million tons of food a year, so about a quarter of our landfill is just food waste," Craig Martineau said.

Martineau and Daniel Blake decided to put that throw-away food to use. Their company, EcoScraps, turns rotten fruit and vegetables into compost, which Martineau said is just what winter lawns need.

"It'll give the seed the nutrients that it needs, but it will also help build that soil so you have a better quality soil and a greener lawn and a healthier lawn," Martineau said.

The produce, which is no longer fit for sale, comes from Costco, Walmart and other big-box stores in the Valley. The stores pay EcoScraps to take the food and then those stores buy back the finished product.

Martineau said it's not only about dollars and cents, but using common sense while replacing common chemical fertilizers with something much more Earth friendly.

EcoScraps was founded in 2010.