Is Running of the Bulls in Cave Creek too dangerous for the public?

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

CAVE CREEK, Ariz. -- Several people were injured in this year’s Running of the Bulls in Cave Creek.

One participant was rushed to the hospital with a head injury. Others left battered and bruised, but this is a run-at-your-own risk type of event.

"NASCAR there's accidents all the time," said event promoter Phil Immordino. "People come to see the excitement so I'm not responsible for them getting hurt."

Another participant wearing a green crayon costume was caught on camera running with the bulls and got the horns.

Immordino makes no apologies for eight people getting hurt this year, more than doubling last year's numbers.

"People take risks every day," Immordino said. "They jump out of planes and bungee jump. They do it because it's fun, an adrenaline rush. We're just hosting a fun event."

Before runners step into the race they must sign a four-page liability waiver agreement.

"They know the risk," Immordino said. "They sign a waiver so they know they're responsible."

Six hundred participants ran with the bulls this year and 2,500 people showed up to watch.

We're also told this year's bulls were bigger and more aggressive than in the past.

Even the bullfighter got hurt this year but is OK.

"It's a big fear. If someone did die I would never do this again," Immordino said.

The plan is to expand the event with another stop in Florida.

But now the promoter plans on beefing up safety efforts at the event to help prevent future injuries.

This includes more EMTs and more eyes on the ground preventing people from showing up in costumes that restrict running.