8 Tips for an eco-friendly Halloween

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PHOENIX -- Some 36 million ghosts and goblins will go trick-or-treating this Halloween.

With the average trick-or-treat bucket holding about 250-300 pieces of candy any given child, given the opportunity, is expected to consume an average of 9,000 calories from the candy.

Green Gal Tishin Donkersly shares tips for hosting an Earth-friendly Halloween celebration.

8 tips to cut the sugar and stay eco-friendly along the way

  1. Recycle the trash
  2. Use eco-friendly bags or your pillowcase to carry your candy
  3. Consider more natural or organic treats closer to home 
  4. Decrease your high-fructose corn syrup and caloric intake and make your own sweets with natural ingredients.
  5. Pumpkins have multiple uses
  6. Decorate with nature
  7. Repurpose items for decorations and crafts
  8. Use in-season vegetables and fruits for your dishes

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