Two people hospitalized after being rear-ended by semi truck on I-17

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

NEW RIVER, Ariz. -- Southbound Interstate 17 north of the New River exit was a parking lot for a couple of hours on Sunday while DPS pulled people from a bad accident.

Stuck in traffic, Ed DiEnno was sweating, because he had a flight to catch.

“On the way to the airport, didn't plan on spending an hour in the middle of the highway," said DiEnno.
DPS said a pickup truck with a couple of motorcycles in the bed had a blow out and was rear-ended by a semi.
“As it slowed there was a tractor trailer behind it that collided with the rear of the pickup,” said DPS Sgt. Paul Forch.
It shot the truck down a ravine. The two people inside needed immediate medical attention.
“There were two occupants in the pickup truck and both of those occupants were airlifted to John C. Lincoln hospital on Dunlap. One of them was classified as a level 1 pretty significant injuries, I'm not real sure about the other one, it's all under investigation,” said Sgt. Forch.
Traffic crept back to normal about an hour after the accident.