Body found in burned car next to Chandler High School

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- It was a major attention getter hidden inside a blue police tent just outside of Chandler high school.
“We found a vehicle fully engulfed in flames,” said Detective Seth Tyler with Chandler Police.
Near the streets of Erie and California, but what's worse is what was found inside the car after the fire hoses were turned off.
“We discovered a body inside the vehicle,” said Det. Tyler.
It was the body of a chandler man.
“We haven't had any witnesses that I know of in the neighborhood that have come forward to report anything,” said Det. Tyler.
Detective Tyler said what they have discovered so far is that it appears to be an accident. He believes the man was unable to control his car, wrecked it, and then it caught on fire.

At this time, police aren't saying who the person is until the rest of his family hears what happened first.

They also don’t know why the man couldn't get out of the car before it was fully engulfed in flames.
“We're real early in things and investigations like this, it's a very broad spectrum at the beginning,” said Det. Tyler.