Tammi Smith discusses Elizabeth Johnson, Baby Gabriel

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The woman who attempted to adopt missing Baby Gabriel is sharing her thoughts on Elizabeth Johnson’s conviction earlier this week.

Tammi Smith spoke with 3TV and admitted that there was a brief time when she believed that Johnson had killed her child.

“I was told a lot of things by my attorney during trial and I started to get this fear inside of me that she did kill the baby,” said Smith. “But I kind of let that pass and as the weeks and months went by I just started to feel like I just don’t believe.”

Smith had been trying to adopt Gabriel before Johnson fled Arizona and took her child to Texas.

Prosecutors, however, had argued that Smith attempted to keep Baby Gabriel away from his father, Logan McQueary, by lying on a court document about the paternity of Gabriel.

In May, Smith was found guilty of forgery and conspiracy to commit custodial interference. She received 30 days in jail and three years of supervised probation in July.

Smith said she has a theory as to what happened to Gabriel when he was taken to Texas, but she declined to go into specifics.

“My husband and I have had a theory since all of this happened but nobody wanted to hear about it so I’m not going to talk about it right now,” said Smith.

Johnson took Gabriel to Texas at the end of 2009. She first told McQueary that she had killed the child and placed him in a dumpster in San Antonio. Johnson then changed her story and claimed to have given Gabriel to a couple in San Antonio.

On Thursday, Johnson was found guilty of unlawful imprisonment, custodial interference, and conspiracy to commit custodial interference.

Baby Gabriel hasn’t been seen since late 2009.