Comic strip in University of Arizona newspaper causing controversy

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

TUCSON, Ariz. -- A controversial comic strip published in the University of Arizona’s student newspaper has cost one cartoonist his job, and may lead to the termination of the paper’s editor.

Student D.C. Parsons, 27, said he was fired from his position with the paper after making an off-color joke about homosexuality.

“This is absolutely not what I ever wanted for my comics. I just wanted to make people laugh and think,” said Parsons.

The comic strip in question features a father telling his son, “You know son if you ever tell me you’re gay, I will shoot you with my shotgun, roll you up in a carpet, and throw you off a bridge.”

The son responds by telling his father, “Well I guess that’s what you call a fruit roll up.”

Parsons said the comic was only meant to be a joke, adding that he likes to “challenge the status quo” when it comes to social taboos.

The paper’s editor, Kristina Bui, approved Parsons’ cartoon, and is now facing a petition that is calling for her to lose her job.

Bui told News 4 Tucson that she made an error when she decided to publish the comic strip.

“It is my responsibility to finalize the pages at the end of each night and I made the mistake of automatically finalizing the one without considering the perceptions and the perspectives of others,” said Bui.

Parsons admits that he’s had problems with the paper’s management, but said Bui simply made a mistake and doesn’t deserve to lose her job.