Email scam uses FBI to trick consumers

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PHOENIX -- Ken Colburn runs a company called Data Doctors here in the Valley and has seen just about every computer scam out there.

"They try to convince you that there's money in an account that you have rights to," Ken tells 3 On Your Side.

But it's this latest scam reportedly from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that is targeting unsuspecting victims.

"Especially in tough times, these scams tend to hit the people who can least afford it. People who are really struggling," Ken said.

The scam gets your attention because it bears the FBI's seal and, of course, it's from Robert Mueller III, the director for the FBI.

"They're using real people in the FBI. They're using the FBI logos. They're trying very, very hard to look legitimate," Ken explained.

The letter states that $2.5 million has been awarded in your name and all you have to do is wire the sender $200 using Western Union or Money Gram.

As crazy as it sounds, all of your millions will be placed on a Visa Card where you'll be able to withdraw thousands of dollars a day.

"I think most people have been around the block long enough to really sniff something like this out," Ken said.

He's right, but desperate people are still falling for the scam even though the letter is full of misspelled words and grammatical errors.

And it's not the last scam you'll be getting in your inbox.

"The bottom line here is, just about everything that comes into your inbox these days, you need to be suspicious of," Ken warned.

This scam is identical to the infamous Nigerian scam. It's called that because it's usually based out of Nigeria. The Federal Trade Commission said it's one of the top complaints the agency receives.