Holiday Gift Guide Ideas

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Can you hear the faint sound of jingle bells?  That sound will be getting louder and louder soon as we move closer to the holidays, which are just around the corner.  So here are some gift ideas for the different personalities on your gift list.  And this year, I found some very unique items, some educational, several by local inventors and more.  Check it out…

For the Classy Cook or The Grill Guy
Flirty Aprons sells attractive aprons for the gals and fun frocks for the grilling guy.  Pair the Grill Sergeant apron with a grill cookbook and you’ve got a thoughtful and great gift to give. The black and white apron I showed in the segment sells for $34.95 and the Grill Sergeant apron costs $25.95 at

Educational Fun Item for Kids
Personalized, fun and educational, the I See Me! Books are the perfect gift for the kids on your list. Several of the books were chosen as 2012 Mom’s Choice Gold Awards and 2012 Creative Child Awards.  Plus, two books were even named “Book of the Year” in their perspective categories! I See Me! books are beautifully designed, high-quality and durable, meaning they can withstand time and countless readings from even the littlest of hands.  I love this gift idea and reading with your child is crucial for educational and bonding reasons!  The personalized books I showed in the segment sell for $29.95 for the My Very Merry Christmas Board Book and the bigger books I showed sell for $32.95 at

For the New Mommy to Be
For the expectant mom, pair the helpful book called “The Mother of All Pregnancy Books” by Ann Douglas ($15.99 in bookstores) with adorable items from RuffleButts like pretty personalized plum woven ruffle bloomers that sell for $19 at   The line also sells other accessories like headbands, socks and a line for boys, too called RuggedButts!  And be sure to order a pink woven RuffleButts bloomer because the company is giving 50% of every sale of that item to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation through the end of this month!  Give a gift that gives back with this idea.
Another great personalization line is Baby Be Hip with items such as bibs, buckets, blankets and more.  Order a personalized baby present at  The set I showed in the segment is called The Weekender Set and it sells for $84 and includes three personalized burp cloths and a personalized canvas tote to carry baby’s things around.

The Personalized Perfume, Cool Cologne, Body Wash & More
Need to find that perfect perfume or cool cologne for the gals and guys on your list?  For me, finding my Dad’s favorite patchouli oil isn’t always easy, but a cool shop in Scottsdale called Lather sells essential oils that can be custom blended to create a moisturizer, body wash, room spray and more.  So for only $12, I got my Dad the perfect strength of homemade patchouli cologne.  The store is located in the Kierland Commons shopping center at Scottsdale Rd. and Greenway Parkway in Scottsdale.  For more information about the Lather store, visit  Another thing I like about the Lather line, is that they are earth-friendly with biodegradable packaging.  Plus bring your bag or used container back to the Lather store and receive 10% off your next purchase.  I love earth-friendly companies!

DeStress Treats Kit
When I think of comfort foods for grown-ups, I think of chocolate, fondue, coffee and tea.  So I tested out a few brands to recommend for a gift basket put together by you.  The Emmi Fondue-Set Mini is cute and compact, making it easy and fun to place in a gift basket.  The line sells the cheese and the chocolate, too so add those items for a fun fondue gift.  Enhance the basket with Eight O’Clock flavored coffees and Good Earth Chai Tea Vanilla.  The Emmi Fondue-Set Mini sells for $49.90 at  The chocolates and cheeses can be ordered at the same website.  The Good Earth tea line is sold at grocery stores like Sprouts Farmers Market, Target and more.  Eight O’Clock coffee is sold at grocery stores and Target.

For the Tween and Teen Girl:  Lip Gloss with a Message
The Lip Bliss lip gloss What’s Your Virtue line was founded by a local Mesa mother of teen and preteen daughters who was shocked at the explicit and suggestive names found on numerous brands of lip gloss. She didn’t feel it was appropriate for her 13-year-old daughter to put such messaging in her pocket, much less on her lips.  I love this idea for a beauty product!  Plus the line contains good ingredients like fortifying castor, cranberry, and safflower seed and peppermint oils to smooth and nurture dry lips.  Each tube also has the protecting properties of anti-oxidants like green tea extracts and moisturizing vitamin E. Furthermore, the Lip Bliss line offers radiant shine and subtle color without stickiness, is gluten free, not tested on animals, and contains no parabens.  The gloss sells for $12 at  The website also lists the many local shops that sell the pretty product.

A Hip Safety Gift for the Young Girl/Woman You Want to Protect
An attractive phone case that doubles as a self defense device with an attached pepper spray holder called the Spraytect is a great gift idea.  This smart personal safety device was created by local Arizona father, Scott McPherson who watched his daughter walk away from him a year ago today with her cell phone in her hand, off to college. He bought her pepper spray, but when he asked her where it was, it took her 5 minutes to find it in her bag. He went home that night and began to search for personal protection devices for his daughter. After finding nothing in the market that he thought she would actually use, Scott created something that could be easily accessed and socially accepted, combining a pepper spray cartridge and a smart phone case.
The product is called Spraytect, and is a two-piece slide-on case for a smart phone with a removable pepper spray cartridge attached to the back of the phone case. The combination protects the phone from costly accidents while adding a layer of personal safety for the user. Because many of us walk, travel, or exercise with a phone in hand, Spraytect is readily accessible in a compromised situation. Order for $39.95 at  The phone case can also be used as a phone stand, which is nice and if your loved one is forced to use the spray, she can also videotape the assailant at the same time, making this an ingenious invention by a loving and concerned Dad.  I just love this!

A Children’s Book with a Positive Message and Coping Ideas for Bullying Issues
I read this book to my 10-year-old daughter and to her 8-year-old friend to see how they would respond.  Plus her friend is a boy, so I was able to share this with both a boy and a girl and all three of us give this children’s book a big thumbs up!  Called “The Energy Bus for Kids…A Story About Staying Positive and Overcoming Challenges” by Jon Gordon, this is a great gift for children.  Make sure you read it with them because there are some great lessons for adults, too.  The nicely illustrated hard cover book provides kid-friendly advice, in a fun to follow story format, on how to choose to be positive in life and how to cope with bullies.  I give this book my hearty recommendation.  Purchase it for $16.95 in bookstores and at

What holiday gift ideas do you have?  Share here in the comments section and remember to check for more gift ideas, parenting articles, beauty news and more!