Rooftop pigeon parties problematic in Goodyear neighborhood

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- Some neighbors living in Pebble Creek in Goodyear have a big problem on their rooftops.

“This morning when I looked out there were 24 on the tiles over there early this morning. So they are here,” said Judy Gaines.

Gaines isn’t happy about the pigeon parties.

Other neighbors are also upset about the little get-togethers.

“I can hear them cooing which means that they have little ones and they're nesting when I'm inside the house,” said another homeowner, John Conklin.

Conklin wants help with the pigeon problem.

“Well it seems to me if it's a problem throughout the development the HOA should logically be responsible for it,” said Conklin.

Gaines wanted to know if the city would take care of the problem.

A city spokesperson didn't want to speak on camera.

Instead 3TV was sent this statement:

“While we understand homeowners’ frustrations, it is the individual’s responsibility to contact a pest control company for a solution to a pigeon problem, just as it would be if a house were to have mice, termites or other pests.”

Since the HOA and the city won't get involved with issues on private property, homeowners are thinking of alternatives.

“Well somebody suggested birth control, supposedly you can do that,” said Gaines.

Neighbors have checked out the company OvoControl to keep the animals from over breeding. But this would cost a few thousand dollars and they would need approval from the HOA.

So for now, people are coming up with their own solutions to the problem.

A plastic owl guards one roof, but he can't protect the whole neighborhood.

Cages and spikes keep the pigeons away from other homes.

But pigeon proofing and cleaning up after the birds is costly.

“In order to get rid of them and clean up the mess they made it cost $500, plus they had to replace two cracked tiles on the roof where the pigeon debris had collected,” said Conklin.