Local organization helps teens pay for driving school

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- It's National Teen Driving Safety Week and statistics show about half of all teen drivers will get into an accident in their first year behind the wheel. Now a local organization is trying to change that.

Red Means Stop, a non-profit, is actively dedicated to making Arizona roads safer for our citizens, especially in their avocation to minimize red light running on our valley streets. The organization was created in 1999 by parents who lost their teens to red light runners.

While it's not required in Arizona for teens to take driving school, the founders of Red Means Stop think more teens should take classes. The non-profit is now offering scholarships to teens who can take classes at Driving MBA in Scottsdale. They're accepting applications on their website right now.

"I don't want another parent or family to go through what I went through 15 years ago," Frank Hind, co-founder of Red Means Stop said. He lost his daughter in a car wreck "We hope to teach kids to be safe drivers and stay out of situations that may harm them."