Phoenix woman wants motor scooter returned

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix woman says she sent her new motorized scooter in for repairs, but then it disappeared when the repair shop closed down.

"I went shopping on my scooter," Rita Perry said. "I ran errands on my scooter. I went to church on my scooter."  

Perry knows how to get things done and she usually gets them done on her scooter.  

"It's something about the two wheels," she said. "You don't have a clutch, you don't have gears and you just drive."

Now, the red scooter that Perry has been getting around on lately belongs to her sister. That's because Perry's scooter broke down not long after she bought it from a company called Speedy Sprocket.

"The bike had an antifreeze leak and it was making noise so I took it to the shop," Perry explained.

Because the $2,000 scooter was still under warranty, Perry called Speedy Sprocket. At the time, it was located at a Tempe industrial complex. The owner agreed to have the manufacturer repair the scooter and he would get it back to Perry.

But, that was months ago. In the meantime, Speedy Sprocket is closed up and out of business. Perry said she's called the owner's cellphone but claims he eventually stopped calling her altogether.

"I never thought he would do this. I never, ever thought he would do this," she said.

So, I went to the home in Maricopa where the owner of Speedy Sprocket lives. No one answered my repeated knocks at the door, but neighbors told me scooters and ATVs are frequently sold out of the house. In fact, when we were there, the garage was full of ATVs, and in the back, what appeared to be Perry's blue scooter.

After leaving my business card, numerous text messages and voicemails with the owner, guess what? Perry got a phone call saying her scooter was repaired and the owner even delivered it.

"I just believe he ran into some confusing times and some hard times," Perry said. "And you know, I was as patient as long as I could be and I needed a little help getting my bike back, so I thank you guys for coming out and helping."

The owner never did get back with me, but I'm just happy Perry got her scooter back.