Tenants say apartment complex conditions are deplorable

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Tenants of the Crown Villa apartment complex in Glendale are complaining to 3TV, and city officials about living conditions at the complex.

Residents showed 3TV apartments that have mold, holes in the walls, missing siding, and leaks. 

One tenant said he decided to withhold rent this month until the problems are fixed, but that he was given a notice of eviction instead. 

"It's a health issue. I have allergies and asthma," says Darnell Ward.

3TV went to the property office Tuesday with Darnell, who claims the issues haven't been fixed for more than a month, and the property manager assured him that everything would be fixed. 

However, other residents tell 3TV that they haven't been as fortunate. 

"They keep making excuses. They really don't want to fix anything," says fellow tenant, Blanche Wiggins.

Officials with the City of Glendale agree that there are quote "unsafe" problems at Crown Villa apartment complex.

They have given the complex a notice to fix several code violations or face possible penalties.