Lost dog reunited with owner after he was given away

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- A Scottsdale woman was reunited with her lost dog after the person who found it gave it away to someone in the parking lot of the Arizona Humane Society.

“He's 14. He needs his medicine. He's half blind. Poor little thing, he's probably freaking out,” said Felice, the dog's owner, who did not want to give her last name.

Felice put up missing dog signs around her home and even hired a private investigator to help find him.

“I thought 'Oh my god,' he hasn't had his medicine. His knees go out, he has everything wrong with him, but he's 14 and he's hardy,” Felice said.

Recently someone brought the sick dog to the Arizona Humane Society on 13th Avenue and Hatcher Road in Phoenix.

“Apparently they did not want to wait in line and found someone in the parking lot to turn the dog over to,” said shelter spokeswoman Bretta Nelson.

That is against the rules. There's a sign in front of the shelter that says people are prohibited from picking up or giving away a dog in the parking lot.

“This is one of those random stories that you would think, is this person going to see their pet again? If you were to ask me a week ago, I would say the chances would be slim because how were we to know who that person handed their pet over to?” Nelson said.

Shelter staff went through surveillance video to find out who took the dog home.

Staff recognized the couple, who frequents the shelter thrift store, and the couple gave the dog back.

On Tuesday, Moby and Felice were reunited in front of the shelter as 3TV’s cameras were rolling

Nelson said the couple who had Moby told staff they wanted to give the old dog a good home. The couple thought they were doing something good for the 14-year-old sick dog.

Nelson said this is a perfect example of why people should not swap pets in their parking lot.

Felice took the dog home and said she will now microchip him.