Kindle users concerned about cord safety

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TOANO--Kindle users are raising concerns about the cord for the second generation e-reader.  

Judi Ellis of Toano said she was charging her Kindle e-reader when the coating on the outside flaked off.
"I picked it up and more pieces started falling off," said Ellis.
She's worried the exposed wire is a fire hazard and could also shock someone who touches it while it's plugged into a socket.
"Children often unplug things by the cord and are being shocked." she added, "I'm envisioning this sitting on a desk in someone's office charging, next to paperwork and catching on fire. I'm envisioning someone's house burning down."
Ellis e-mailed Amazon and got this message in a reply, "Thanks for your comments about the Kindle Power Adapter. We'll consider your feedback as we plan further improvements. I've forwarded your issue to our Kindle Product Safety Department and Customer Service team. You should hear back with a feedback or an email from them in the next 1-2 business days. Customer feedback like yours really helps us continue to improve our store and provide better service to our customers. We hope to see you again soon."
She said someone she spoke with on the phone offered to send her a new cord but could not say if it was any different than the one she was using.
"Will I feel safe at night putting my kindle on charge with the new cord?" Ellis said.
We contacted the Consumer Product Safety Commission about Ellis's complaint. 
"I spoke with this consumer and encouraged her to report the incident to CPSC.  I'm glad that she did.  CPSC urges consumers who experience incidents or have safety concerns about consumer products under CPSC's jurisdiction to report these to us at," said Patty Davis of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
The cord is not being recalled right now.
On, there were several posts with the same complaints about the 2nd generation Kindle cord.  There were also complaints on, which is still selling the cord.
"I found hundreds of reviews of this happening to other people," said Ellis.
Amazon says the cable does not pose safety risks and that it's a cosmetic issue only. However, the company says it's happy to replace it free of charge for Ellis.