Phoenix weather: Hurricane Paul probably a no-show for Arizona

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PHOENIX -- Hurricane Paul is located about 450 miles southwest of the southern tip of Baja. Winds are currently clocked at 120 mph, making Paul a Category 3 storm. It's moving slowly to the northeast. However, at this point, Paul is expected to weaken pretty significantly over the next 48 hours and its forecast track is not bringing it anywhere close to Arizona.

There is a chance late week that some of the remnant moisture from Paul could make it into Arizona but even if that happens, we don't expect it to bring us any rain. However, Paul does bare watching closely to make sure the forecast plays out.

In the meantime, we're looking at seasonally warm temperatures across our state. Around metro Phoenix, that means we'll continue to see highs in the mid-90s with overnight lows in the 60s.

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