Flagstaff PD arrest bank robbery suspect

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Zachary Foehr By Andrew Michalscheck Zachary Foehr By Andrew Michalscheck

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- Flagstaff Police have arrested a man for allegedly robbing a local bank earlier this week.

Officers were called to the Wells Fargo inside the Fry’s at 201 N. Switzer Canyon Drive just after 2:30 on Thursday afternoon.

Investigators learned that the suspect had given a teller a note claiming that he had a weapon and wanted money.

The man then fled the scene after receiving an undisclosed amount of cash.

Images of the suspect captured by surveillance cameras were handed out to officers, and within minutes a detective said she had had contact with the man just a few weeks ago while investigating another case.

The suspect was identified as 23-year-old Flagstaff resident Zachary Foehr.

Officers responded to Foehr’s address, but he wasn’t home. A detective remained in the area to conduct surveillance on the home, at which time a car believed to be Foehr’s drove up and then quickly fled the area.

The detective later located the vehicle but it was empty. There were, however, possible items of evidence inside the vehicle, and the car was seized as evidence.

Investigators eventually learned that Foehr was hiding at a friend’s house. He was subsequently located and taken into custody.

Foehr is now facing one count of armed robbery.