Police now involved in poisoned dogs mystery

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
Cowboy By Mike Gertzman Cowboy By Mike Gertzman
Girtty By Mike Gertzman Girtty By Mike Gertzman
Girtty By Mike Gertzman Girtty By Mike Gertzman
Kenna By Mike Gertzman Kenna By Mike Gertzman

EL MIRAGE, Ariz -- Police are now involved in a mysterious dog poisoning case in the West Valley.

Speedracer, a paralyzed pooch, is the only dachshund who didn't ingest poison a few weeks ago. His owner told 3TV, "There's just no explanation for what happened."

Unfortunately, Cowboy, Girtty, Kenna and Kleo weren't so lucky.

"I actually expected that we would be wrong in thinking that they had gotten into something that they shouldn't have," Dave said.

But a vet confirmed otherwise. Test results revealed the dogs had somehow ingested anti-freeze.

It took only a few hours before their kidneys began to fail. Dave's wife had no choice.     

"She had to make the call that night to go ahead and put them down," he said. "It's pretty rough -- no lie."

El Mirage police are now involved. They're investigating whether someone deliberately poisoned the dachshunds.

"It is going to be animal cruelty because you are intentionally hurting another animal because this isn't something that happens and it's instantaneous," Detective Kim Walden said. "This is something where the animal suffers."

But so far, no leads.

"They have not seen anything suspicious," Walden said. "Their animals have not been sick so this was something that was a surprise to the neighbors."

Dave and his family aren't sure what to think. El Mirage police haven't recieved any noise complaints.

"Our dogs stay mostly indoors," Dave said. "They come outside to go potty. That's really the limit of it."

Dave said there is nothing in or around his house containing anti-freeze. In fact, they've only been in the neighborhood for a few months.

"Hard to say we've gotten on anyone's bad side, but certainly I would hope this is not the way they would choose to deal with it," he said.

Desperate for answers, family friends have established a reward in hopes of solving the mystery.

"The dogs were like family, for I don't know how many years, so it's a big deal to know what happened," Dave said.

For more information about the reward, visit http://justicefordogs.chipin.com.

If you'd like to contact Detective Kim Walden with the El Mirage Police Department, call 623-433-9581.