Fight breaks out among parents at youth football game

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

WICKENBURG, Ariz. -- A youth football game took a wild turn in the town of Wickenburg, west of Phoenix, when a fight broke out among parents, coaches and children.

Many people got hurt during the Sept. 29. melee including four children, one of whom was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Prescott Valley resident Roe Minor was taping his son's football game before the fight broke out.

On the video you can see a man wearing a t-shirt with the other team’s logo on it approach Minor.

The man on the tape asked the father to leave per the referee’s request.

Minor said he had no idea who the man was and didn’t understand why he was being asked to leave.

A staff member from the rival team told 3TV over the phone that Minor was verbally abusing the referees and that’s why he was asked to pack his things and head out.

Minor denied harassing the referees.

When the father refused to leave, voices got loud and then you can hear shouting. The fight happened outside of the camera's view.

Minor said he was not to blame for the fight.

His wife, Wendy Bodeman, said she was assaulted during the fight and has filed a police report with the Wickenburg Police Department.

Sgt. Owen Black with the Wickenburg Police Dept. said in all of his 26 years in law enforcement he’s never heard of something like this happening at a children’s football game.

We’re told this in an ongoing investigation and it could take two weeks to complete.

Parents from both teams agree this fight should have never happened.

The president of the Northern AZ Youth Football, Becky Allred, sent this statement to 3TV:

“The NAYF was organized to give the youth of our small towns an opportunity to play football and to cheer. Our main concern is for the safety of our children; for our children to have a positive experience; and to have fun. Parents unauthorized to be on the field or a parent who has been asked to leave by the referees will be expected to leave and adhere to the rules of NAYF. Any coach who does not put the children's safety first will also be suspended. We are following up with all necessary avenues to ensure a safe environment for these children.”

Five players and three coaches have been suspended from the team for which Minor’s son plays.

Minor, his wife and son are not allowed to attend anymore games.