Beauty blunder fixes in less than 5 minutes

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

If smudged lipstick and too much foundation have you down, Zethina, a Valley-based makeup artist, offers ways to fix these beauty blunders and more in a pinch.

It's a bummer when it happens but did you know a clean concealer brush can fix any lipstick mistake? The celebrity makeup artist suggests keeping one handy in your purse to erase a smudge and then use powder to keep the line sharp.

Too much powder? No worries! Zethina says water does the trick. Just pat the water lightly under the eyes and around your face.

What about false eyelashes? Keeping them in place can be tricky. Sometimes lashes can lift in embarrassing places. Zethina says a toothpick and lash glue will always save the day. Just place a tiny amount of glue on the tip of the toothpick and dab it on the lash line. Then place the lash where the glue is and you should be good to go.

Finally, want brighter eyes without the mess of a Visine streak down your face? Zethina suggests using a Q-tip and Visine. Place a generous amount of Visine on the Q-tip and dab it in the corner of your eyes.

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