Sandusky speaks out on eve of sentencing for child sexual abuse

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BELLEFONTE, Pa -- On the evening before his sentencing convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky has spoken out - in recorded comments that are sure to bring further attention to Penn State University and the scandal that brought disgrace to its football program.  

In a defiant voice Sandusky said, "They can take away my life, they can make me out as a monster, they can treat me as a monster, but they can't take away my heart."

The former Penn State assistant football coach, convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse also said this in a recorded message on Penn State's radio station: "In my heart I know I did not do these alleged disgusting acts, my wife has been my only sex partner and that was after marriage - our love continues."

Sandusky again listed those he feels are responsible for his arrest and conviction.

"The young man who is dramatic, the veteran accuser and always sought attention, started everything, he was joined by a well orchestrated effort of the media, investigators, the system, Penn State, psychologists, civil attorneys and other accusers," said Sandusky.

The attorney for one of the victims, howevere, just sees a man lashing out.

"My client knows the truth, and he knows what happened here, he is one of ten victims upon which the evidence convicted Mr. Sandusky of 45 different counts," said Thomas Klein.

Sandusky will be sentenced on Tuesday in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania and could get life in prison.

In the wake of the scandal - the NCAA imposed sanctions against the university - including a $60 million fine and a four year bowl ban.

Sandusky, as well as some of his victims, are also expected to speak at his sentencing.