Captured Zeta leader suspected in killing of American on Falcon Lake

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Mexican marines captured an alleged Zeta leader suspected in hundreds of murderes including the killing of an American man jetskiing on on Falcon Lake.

Though handcuffed the suspected Zeta leader nicknamed “Ardilla,” Spanish for squirrel was defiant.

 He gave thumbs up sign to when presented to Mexican media.

A spokesman for the Mexican Navy says Salvador Martinez Escobedo, 31, is suspected of killing 50 people “with his own hands” and ordering the murders of hundreds more including American David Hartley.

Hartley disappeared on Falcon Lake while Jet skiing with his wife in September 2010.  She told investigators gunmen attacked the couple.

According to authorities the Zeta leader also ordered the beheading of the Mexican police investigator handling the Hartley case.

And the cartel leader is the suspected mastermind in the murders of 72 migrants found on a ranch in San Fernando.

Mexico’s president via twitter announced the capture Sunday evening  tweeting, “He was wanted because he’s the Zeta leader behind the San Fernando massacre.”

He’s also suspected of ordering the murders of 200 people, mostly migrants traveling through Tamaulipas, found in a mass grave in the border state.

At a press conference a Navy spokesman said “Squirrel” started his criminal career as a lookout or “halcon” for the Zetas.

He rose through the ranks to become a hit man and then 3rd in command of the violent cartel by winning the trust of Miguel Trevino, the Zeta leader known as  “40” who is in charge of lucrative smuggling route that cuts through Nuevo Laredo to Texas.

“Squirrel” is suspected of freeing 132 inmates from a prison in the border city Piedras Negras September 18th because the cartel needed manpower to fight a bloody turf war in Nuevo Laredo.

Mexican Marines finally cornered and captured “Squirrel” in his hometown Nuevo Laredo Saturday evening.