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Pete Townshend
Pete Townshend's new autobiography is called "Who I Am." It's available in stores and online now.

Arizona Highways Magazine
Arizona Highways Magazine is available now.

Arizona Animal Welfare League
The Arizona Animal Welfare League is located at 25 N. 40th St. For information on pets or the Welfare League go to For more information on the Pet Adoption event go to

Take Charge America
Mike Sullivan is director of education for Take Charge America,, 623-266-6100, 20620 N. 19th Ave. Some of the financial considerations he mentioned for families to decide if one parent can afford to stay home with the kids include:

· Childcare: Do you have to pay for childcare during the workday? Childcare centers average nearly $12,000 a year. Home-based childcare can average around $8,000.

· Taxes: With two parents working, will your household be pushed into a higher tax bracket? This, coupled with childcare costs, may cancel out any financial benefit of working outside the home.

· Gas: If you're commuting to and from work -- and to and from childcare -- how much will you pay at the pump each month?

· Clothing: Depending on the nature of your work, will you need to invest in new clothing? Be sure to factor in the costs of dry cleaning, too.

· Food: While packing a lunch is always a good option, many people enjoy eating out during the workday. The cost of lunch can add up.

· Household costs: If you're working during the day and caring for baby at night, will you be able to keep up with household chores, landscaping, etc? Will you need to allot money for these types of services?

Voter Registration Deadline Tonight
Citizens may go to the County Recorder's website or,for questions on registration requirements and how to register online.

President Bill Clinton at the Get Out The Vote Early Rally
The event will be held at ASU’s Sun Devil Performance Lawn tomorrow, with gates opening at 8 p.m.
The rally will be free and open to the public.
People interested in attending must register at
Ticket pickup locations will be provided once you register.