Local family recycles skateboards

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PHOENIX -- Skateboards can sure take a beating, especially when the rider does lots of tricks, like grinding rails, flipkicks and ollies.

When a rider's board has been used up and beat up, they usually put them in the trash and buy new ones. 

A local Phoenix family has found a way to reuse those trashed skateboards.  

Devin and Lisa Kelley take thrown out or defected manufactured skateboards and recycles them into useful things. So far, they've made belt buckles, rings, bracelets and earrings out of the boards. 

The response for their products has been so positive, the Kelleys decided to sell them and started Recycled Skateboards International (RSI). Their products are now in stores in the U.S. and Germany and they've only been in business for seven months. 

Everything the Kelleys make is made in the workshop, located at their home.  When they have some down time, the couple says they enjoy going into their workshop together to creatively collaborate on ideas for new, unique products. 

When asked what prompted the Kelleys to start recycling skateboards, they said it started out with a kindergarten project for one of their children.  Instead of having to go out and buy materials to make something, the Kelleys looked around their home and saw old skateboards.  

They decided to make a birdhouse out of the boards. The birdhouse was such a hit with the rest of the student body that the Kelleys knew they were on to something and created RSI.

The Kelleys, who are avid skateboarders themselves, say that not only do they enjoy the quality time spent together in their workshop, but they also enjoy getting the message out about the importance of recycling.

For more information on RSI, you can visit their website at www.recycledskateboardsinternational.com.