How to protect your debit card when shopping on-line

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The National Retail Federation is predicting that holiday sales are going to grow this year by as much as four percent, and that a lot of that growth will be coming from on-line sales.

In fact, on-line buys could see growth in the double digit range and provide $96 billion in sales. 

The biggest worry for on-line fraud will be getting hacked. Experts say watch out for the phony emails from big name retailers.

If the retailer’s email gets hacked, you may get a phony email directing you to a site that could steal your information. 

The best way to prevent serious loss from fraud is to use your credit card when you buy and not your debit card.

If your debit card gets hacked, then your bank accounts are vulnerable, but with a credit card, you'll only be liable for about $50 if you catch the fraud in a timely manner.