Woman who needs help with shunt moved to Tucson

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- On Thursday, 3TV first introduced viewers to Carissa Galvez, who is in extreme pain.

On Friday, her mother, Daniella Galvez, informed 3TV that her daughter could soon get help.

“There is a neurosurgeon that has agreed to see Carissa and evaluate her at least on Monday,” said Daniella.

Carissa was moved from Phoenix to a hospital in Tucson on Friday morning.

Her mother is hoping a neurosurgeon will remove her daughter's failed experimental shunt in her brain, which is used to drain fluid.

Carissa has a rare genetic mutation affecting her cerebral spinal fluid.

“I’m hoping and hoping that they will just remove it because something is definitely wrong with it. But they have not told me that as of yet. We are just here for an evaluation,” said Galvez.

The concerned mother said her daughter's original doctor has retired.

Her daughter is now 20, and because of red tape she can't be seen back at the children's hospital where the shunt was placed five years ago.

Galvez said no other doctor's wanted to get near an experimental project. To find out why 3TV spoke with attorney Adam Trenk with the Rose Law Group.

“I don't know the specifics of this case. But hypothetically speaking, if this is an implant in the brain it sounds to me like a reasonable thing for a doctor who is unfamiliar with the procedure that was performed or the shunt that was placed, would be hesitant to go in operate on this woman's brain.  They could cause more harm than good and thus of course opening themselves up to a malpractice claim,” said Trenk. 

Daniella is hoping a neurosurgeon in Tucson will take that chance.

“At this point I feel like I just want to get her better. I don’t want to spend too much energy being angry. I just want to be able to get her better because she is suffering,” said Daniella.

Daniella said she is taking time off work and does not get paid.

Her family has set up a fund for donations at http://fnd.us/c/8N2s2.