Top consumer complaints

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PHOENIX -- The auto industry has raked in the most complaints, according to the Consumer Federation of America.

Most complaints centered around shopping for cars and car repairs. Valley residents we spoke to are not surprised.

"You always feel like you're being taken for a ride," one person said.

"So when they tell you that you need this, that and the other thing, you don't really know if that's really true or you're being sold something that you don't want," another noted.

Credit cards and debt are next in line. Most complaints were regarding billing and fees. Mortgage fraud predatory lending also fell under this category.
Coming in at No. 3 was home improvement and construction, with consumers complaining about contractors abandoning the job even though they had been paid.

Retail sales is the fifth most complained about industry, including false advertising and defective merchandise.

Utilities also made the list. Consumers claimed to be aggravated with billing disputes.
And rounding out the bottom was Internet sales. Consumers say many things they ordered online were never delivered as promised or were misrepresented.
And the other top complained about industries include door-to-door solicitation, like vacuum or magazine sales, and real estate also made the list for time share.